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Our Process

West Coast Pool Tile Cleaning uses a environmentally safe, non-toxic low pressure process to remove calcium deposits from your pools tile and flagstone without damage.

Remove Calcium From Your Pool Safely!

Neptune’s Pool & Spa uses a environmentally safe, non-toxic low pressure process to remove calcium deposits from your pools tile and flagstone without damage.

Calcium Removal From:

  • Ceramic Pool Tile
  • Glass Pool Tile
  • Flagstone
  • Coping & Brick
  • Pebble Tec
  • Real & Artificial Rock
  • Fountains


Our Process Will Have Your Pool Tile Clean In Just a few Hours.


Step 1: Make an Appointment

Once you’ve approved our FREE ESTIMATE and book an appointment we will arrive at your home on the scheduled day to begin the cleaning.

Step 2: Lower the Water

We lower the water level of your pool to expose the tile line using a submersible pump.  This allows us to clearly see and access the calcium deposits on your pool tile or Pebble Tec surface.

Step 3: Clean Surfaces

Using our specialized equipment, we clean the tile with an environmentally safe, non-toxic, low pressure process to remove the calcium deposits from your pools tile and flagstone. Once the calcium is removed, the debris and any undissolved material will settle to the bottom of the pool.

Step 4: Clean Surrounding Area

Clean up begins immediately. We wash down the cleaned surfaces to remove any residual materials from the serviced areas, as well as the surrounding deck.  Once everything is completely cleaned and the tile has dried, we determine if a sealer is necessary.

Is sealer necessary? We do not believe so. Why?

Ever wonder why your tile looked great for about three months after cleaning and then you noticed your tile begin to haze over?  Well chances are it’s probably the sealer.

Some companies who bead blast pool tile can be a little aggressive with the process striping the glaze off the pool tile.  In order to compensate for any damage, they seal the surfaces with TPS.  TPS is a polymer-based sealer that dries glossy.  However, after a few months in the sun along with exposure to the swimming pool environment, the seal can start to go bad and begin to fade.  What was once beautiful tile is now dull and grey!  Many of our competitors are still sealing tile and believe that is helps protect the tile and prevent future build up.

West Coast Pool Tile Cleaning has been bead blasting pool tile for years.  We believe that if you clean the tile properly there is no reason to seal it.  However, if a customer insists on us applying a sealer, additional charges may apply.  Sealer / Protectant is never applied to natural stone surfaces or Pebble Tec.

Step 5: Clean the Pool

Finally, we use the vacuum systems to clean the glass beads out of your swimming pool to complete the cleaning process.

We Do All The Work. You Have All The Fun

West Coast Pool Tile Cleaning in Murietta California  is a family owned and operated business that provides expert pool tile cleaning services.  Unlike many in the pool tile cleaning business, we are fully licensed and insured! We always strive to exceed your expectations.


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